Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Stranger in My Room

It was very comfortable. The bed, the pillow, the room. The air-conditioning was set at a comfortably cool level and the fan on the ceiling whirred slowly. Waking up from a really deep sleep, I opened my eyes slowly. The world was a blur around me. I could make out the white walls and assorted tables and chairs around me. I tried to reach out to the nearest table to locate my spectacles, but I could not move. My hands and feet felt tied down.

Where the hell was I?

This surely wasn’t my room. There never was an air conditioner in my room and my bed was never so soft. I looked around desperate for some semblance of familiarity, but my myopic eyes failed me as they usually did without my spectacles.

Why am I tied down to this bed? Who has held me captive?

All of a sudden I heard footsteps. Out of nowhere, a figure appeared close to me. Despite my myopia, I could make out outlines of objects, though the details were blurred, and this was definitely a male figure. He walked slowly towards me, his footsteps echoing in the room.

“So you woke up at last eh?” he said in a sinister voice.

“Who are you? What am I doing here?” I pleaded.

“Calm down. You will get all your answers in due time. How are you feeling now?”

His calm composure made me angry.

“Oh I am f**king great. What else do you expect? I love being tied down to the bed.”

“Tch tch. Still the same foul language. I thought the sleep would have improved you a bit.”

“Why have you tied me down?”

“Oh, did I tie you down?” He chuckled.

I summoned all the strength I could muster and struggled to break free my hands. They didn’t move even a millimetre. I was tied too tightly.

“You can struggle all you want. It’s of no use.” He told me, in a voice that was irritatingly calm.

He came and sat on the chair next to my bed.

“Now stop this silly struggle and let us have a chat.” He lit a cigarette and began blowing the smoke in circles.
“Mr. Sunil Sethi, son of a hotel baron, an MBA degree holder and now about to get married next month. Do I have my facts correct?”

The hell you do, I thought to myself. I nodded in response.

“This girl, your fiancée, Sonali right? Do you love her?”

“What does she have to do with all this? Or for that matter, what do I have to do with all that’s happening right now?”

“You will understand what is happening and what everyone has to do with it. For the time being, just answer my questions. So do you love her?” He said sternly.

“Yes I do.” I replied.

“In that case, I have some really bad news for you. She is with me now.” He smiled.

My blood was boiling now.

“You should look at yourself in the mirror.” He laughed. “But I’m serious. We are together in our own small world now, and there is nothing you can do about it.”

“What the f**k are you saying? And who the hell are you?” The suspense was killing me.

“Oh, sorry I forgot to introduce myself. I am Sanjay Kadam, clerk in the Post Office. Rather, I was a clerk. Not now, thanks to you!”

“So this is some kind of a revenge for you, is it? Lost your job for some screw up from your end, and now you blame me and kidnap me for ransom from my father. Is that what this is all about?”

He started laughing much to my bewilderment.

“Get down from your high pedestal, rich boy! I don’t want anything from your father or anybody for that matter. I can’t get back what has already been taken away from me. I just wanted to have a chat with you, that’s it. So, how do you feel now that your fiancée is no longer with you?”

“I don’t believe you. I don’t need to believe you. I know Sonali and she will never leave me. How do you know about her anyway?”

“To be honest, I didn’t know about her till yesterday night. How I wish that night had never come.”

“She was with me yesterday night. We had gone to the discotheque together. What are you talking about?” I asked.

“That’s right. Both of you were at the disco together. But what happened AFTER you came out? Don’t you remember anything?” He started blowing more smoke rings.

“We were dancing together, and she pleaded me to stop the booze. After much debate I reluctantly agreed and we came out and I drove her back. Where do you figure in all this?”

“Is this what really happened or is this what you think happened? Let me make it easier for you. Do you remember dropping her at her house?”

“Listen mister. I was high with all that alcohol. I remember driving back with her, nothing else. And you are saying that she has left me for a post office clerk? Dream on!” A tiny headache was creeping up in my head.

“So you think all this is a joke eh? I’m not laughing and you won’t too very soon. This ego of yours is not funny. Getting drunk that night and making a fool of yourself was not funny. Driving a car in that condition was not funny. Killing me and my entire family was not f**king funny!!”

He got up from the chair and moved towards the window. My headache peaked as the memory streamed in.

“Drive slow Sunil, please. You’ll hit somebody.” Sonali was saying.

“Don’t worry baby. That bloody Merc driver thinks he can outrun me. Just want to teach him a lesson.” I said as my foot pressed harder on the accelerator.

“Just forget him okay. Please slow down.” She pleaded.

I looked at her. She was looking all flushed.

“Okay sweetheart. For you I will slow down. See, I am taking my foot off the accelerator and placing it on the ............................. “

The conversation was interrupted by a bang. The headache now threatened to split my head. My heart was working extra hard and I could feel my pulse rising.

“Remembered something eh?” he said. “I remember everything. I remember lying down on the road unable to move in the pool of blood. I remember my son calling out to me for help and not being able to respond to him. And I remember watching my wife breathing her last before I did so myself.”

“Sonali...” I stuttered. “You said.............”

“Yes, I stand by what I said. She’s in my world now.”

Realization dawned on me. I wished I was seeing a bad dream. I wanted to pinch myself, but my hands were unable to move.

“I think our chat is over now.” He said. “Goodbye, and I sincerely hope you would live this life of regret. Thankfully, I don’t think you would ever be able to drive a car again or kill someone else.”

He placed my spectacles on my face and his outline vanished in thin air. There was nobody in the room. Only the beeping sounds of assorted machines around me. I looked at my arms and legs.

They weren’t tied up, but however much I tried, I would never be able to move them again.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sunrise at Dusk

Hi fellas,

This time it's a poetic update for the blog. Not that I'm all that great at poems, but this one was an attempt I made during a long and boring train journey. Hopefully you'll like it. :)

Walking on the beach, his feet pressing the sand,
The gentle breeze stroking his hair, brushing his hand
So much of loss, his life at stake,
Lonely by tomorrow, to live for his own sake

He steps into the water, waves splash his feet,
Wasn't this the place, where her did he first meet
So long ago, the time seems so far,
But now it didn't matter, he would be on par

Life seemed perfect then, but why didn't it last,
They were looking for a future, but now it was all past
When amongst the love, did rise the hate,
Why did she leave him, when he was her soul mate

The water rises to his knees, he wants no more,
Of this life, the false dreams, that left him all sore
The ocean called him, it's arms wide spread,
Nothing was on his side, not even the dread

He turns around for the one last time
And sees a beauty, much in her prime
Her hair on her face, kissing her cheeks,
Hiding the smile charming, which any man seeks

The tide's unsafe, she calls out to him,
It would take you away, even though you swim
As though a magnet, he retreats to her,
Her concern a magic, his heart feeling lighter

Each talks to the other, falling to the attraction
Understanding each other, listening with attention
The coffee is over, a new bond is struck,
He looks in her eyes, maybe life won't suck

The sun sets down, as they again walk the sand,
Beckoning a new future, together hand-in-hand
To give another try, to the vows unfulfilled,
The house full of dreams, again they would build

Cheers, and hopefully I would be back with a proper story the next time :-)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

15 Minutes into The Spirit of Mumbai

So here I am, back after a pretty long hiatus. I think I even saw some fungus developing over this blog when I saw it today. So, what do I have to offer this time? Some more gory fiction? No, not today. The fiction would be coming soon as I am in the process of completing a story I began ages ago. Today, I take you on a journey I took a few days back, which gave me an insight into a totally different kind of people, what the spirit of a city really is.

It was a regular morning in Mumbai and I had come only for that particular day. It was a journey I had to take to Andheri on Friday and to cut short any prospective delays, I decided to take the local train.

"You are crazy." My brother told me. "Just spend some bucks and hire a taxi. Why the hell do you want to get into those insane crowds?"

"What if the taxi gets stuck in a traffic jam?" I argued.

Nevertheless, I had decided that local train it was going to be. As I approached the Churchgate railway station, it was a sight to behold. I was standing across the road facing the station entrance, and the scene in front of me looked like one of those Hindi movies (I later came to know that many movies were actually shot at this particular location.). There were two crowds, both equally crazy. One was desperate to get into the station and another rushing to get out. It was quite an illustration of the condition of our bowels during a case of acute diarrhoea, or in short, total chaos. 

Struggling with my bag, I somehow managed to squeeze in along with the crowd into the station and inside it was an army that would give the Rajnikanth army in 'Robot' a run for their money. They were all different people of varying age, cultures, language, sizes. But an invisible force bound everybody together and there was to an extent a monotony in their actions. To a person not used to crowds, it would have seemed like a riot. Waiting in the queue to get the return tickets, it felt like I was in a movie that was being played fast forward. No person waited more that 5 seconds before taking their ticket and zooming off to catch their respective train. Suddenly I also realised, that sub-consciously I was also doing the same. My feet were moving faster and my mind was in a hurry. For what? I fail to understand even today.

Well, I boarded the next train that would take me to my destination. What I didn't know that this journey would completely change my impression of Mumbai and especially the trains of Mumbai. Entering the train, I couldn't help feeling apprehensive since this very mode of transport has been the target of so many terror activities. Luckily I managed to get a seat (never expected that in the crowd) next to the window. Within seconds of arriving at the station, the train took off with people taking their regular positions inside. There is some kind of magnet near the doors that always attracts a majority of the people. Even if the seats are empty, the people there always love to cling on to the doors, maybe more than clinging on to their wives.
These very people were only recently at the receiving end of mindless fanaticism and Government apathy. Despite being wounded so many times, the city just clicks. Within a couple of days after any attack, the people are back to their feet and go about their daily routine. Many people in and outside the country label this as the "Spirit of Mumbai". Some even go ahead and state that the people here have now learnt to "adjust" and move on. Some say that the Mumbaikaar does not care.

I saw a labourer board the train at Dadar loaded with his tools. The poor man looked to be a daily wage worker. Maybe he was present when the recent blasts happened in Dadar market. Maybe he had lost someone in the carnage. What should he have done? Stop going to work in protest? Move to the streets shouting slogans against the failure of the Government and security agencies to safeguard their people? If he does, who is going to earn money for him and the remainder of his family to survive? 

And it is mostly the same case with the common man in this city. It is not easy to live in a city like Mumbai. It may have its positives, but I for one find it very difficult to warm up to it despite being culturally close to it. For those who label these people as un-caring, do they really have a choice? The common man cannot afford to protest at the cost of his daily earnings. He does not have a father who has left him riches so that he can shun work and protest. So what does he do? He can only thank God that he lived through and pray that no more such incidents occur. With no guarantee that he would live another day, the common man of Mumbai carries on.

At another station I see a hoard of people waiting to board the train as it entered the platform. An equal number was waiting by the door (in addition to the usual door lovers) to alight. The train normally stops for around 10 seconds at a single station. As if programmed, the people de-board the train within a couple of seconds, and the ones on the platform climb inside with amazing efficiency. There isn't much pushing around or the chaos that I normally witnessed in the Delhi Metro, especially at the Rajiv Chowk station.

Some time back, a world-wide survey labelled Mumbai as one of the rudest cities. True, that people usually don't talk much with strangers. It is also true that they may not say "Please" or "Thank you" all that often. But there is one thing for sure, whenever any tragedy hits the city, these very people are the first ones to help each other out before even the police or rescue teams reach the venue. It does not matter whether the perpetrators of the crime are Muslims or Hindus or Christians. What matters is that  victims are always human beings, the very people with whom they travel daily in the trains, buses without speaking a word. And that, I  feel is the real "Spirit" if you feel the need to label it.

As I descended from the train at Andheri, my mindset was changed. This was my first ever proper journey in a local train in this city. May be I don't like it as much as I like my hometown of Goa. Maybe I would never warm up to the city in my entire life. But one thing was sure. This is one city that needs no definition. It doesn't require that the people be only Marathi. It doesn't require that everybody follow only one religion. The common man who lives here drives the city to what it is, an economic hot-spot. The common man, with whom the people who rule us have lost touch with.

Friday, July 29, 2011

For Those Who Made My Trip

Yes, I'm back writing on this blog after around 3 months. But this time its not fiction, nor is it a political rant. This post is dedicated to some people who are really special to me and have been an integral part of my journey into the corporate world. Today was my last working day in MakeMyTrip (India) and now I know what a "heavy heart" really means. 

Though I was given an opportunity to speak today, I didn't, not because I didn't want to. But because I knew I wouldn't be able to express myself by talking. I can convey my feelings better by writing. So here's a message of thanks for some very special people

1) Amlesh Sinha
My reporting manager, my mentor, my guide and a father figure for me. I can proudly say that I could not have a better mentor to begin my career with. You held my hand and guided me through the various facets of my professional life. You patted me on my successes and helped me correct my blunders, both always making me grow in the positive direction. I really cannot thank you enough for all the guidance and especially the patience that you showed.

2) Virender Bisht
The person who removed my notion that senior people are usually "khadoos" and are not bothered with the junior guys. A cool customer with an ever smiling face and quick decision maker, you are really the pillar of strength of the entire team. Thank you especially for all the encouragement you gave me.

3) Ashish Srivastava
Hamaare apne Balia ke "Aasees" sir. The troubleshooter of our team. One of the best programmers I have seen and a real expert debugger. A real jovial fellow who can give witty one-liners and special "interpretations". It was sheer pleasure working with someone so dedicated to his work.

4) Shreesh Kaushik
One of the best persons I've ever known. A true all-rounder in its perfect sense. This good looking guy can excel in any sport, awesome sense of humor, real fun to be with and at the same time can whip up some very good software code from his kitty. Thanks a ton for teaching me Foosball and making me about as good as you in it. Also thanks a lot for answering my never-ending questions all the time and being there for me. I just have one regret with you that I could never play TT with you (the tragedy is well known.. :P).

5) Rehman Danish
The 'Bhai'. Though being a senior from my college, he never came across as one. This guy can light up any situation however serious it may be with his spontaneous jokes and perfect timing. He is THE person who inspired me to try my hand at poetry (he is a very gud one himself). I can't forget especially how he pestered me into writing the "Bad-ass" poem. Would miss your jokes and especially the never-ending "tips".

6) Pratik Pahuja
A devil with a saintly face. This tall guy thinks a lot. But looks are misleading and he really sets the flow when in the mood. One can discuss anything with him and I for one, found a really good friend in this man. Thanks for all the help and especially the entertaining cafeteria discussions. :)

7) Abhijeet Srivastav
This guy has only two expressions. A blank one. and a smiling one. Never seen him angry or frustrated at anything. Talks less, but when he does, I don't need to say anything more (:P). I would really miss those grilled sandwiches with you in the mornings. SOA zindabaad.... :D

8) Manish Ranjan
Baby-faced, this kiddo-looking fella entered the scene with a bang with lights-on issue fixing. Recently famous for samosas and quietly stealing other's mobiles and I-cards to get treats. This entertainer goes about his work quietly and of-course a good foosball defender.

9) Junaid Karim
Initially I thought he is a very serious type of a person but turned out totally opposite once I got to know him better. I have never seen anybody so principled and honest with his work and he easily blends with the "bachchas" of the team despite being very senior.

10) Ashish Jain
The one person I have worked maximum with. He has tested all my projects and "bugged" me. My perfect foosball partner and we've beaten the best players of the company together, also winning by a record margin once. A charming persona and a person you can talk to anytime. It was natural bonding with him, more so because we share a common interest in photography. Thanks for all the awesome time dude.

11) Ankur Khera
Passion is one word that can define him. You taught me to be frank and honest despite the odds. A great friend, a person I can trust with my life and someone I respect naturally. Its no joke being good at your work and pursuing an MTech from an IIT at the same time. Would really miss the "Thodi der aur achcha khelna hai" and "Good shot man!!!!!" ... :)

12) Anirudh Bharadwaj
The best trait in this person is his ability to make friends with any human being. The most popular face in the company who can talk non-stop nonsense. A foosball rival who also brought me into the cricket playing group, this person is fully responsible for introducing me to different people and he can literally go a big way for his friends. Never lose this quality in you dude, not everyone is lucky to have it in them.

I might have missed out on some people in this really long list, but that doesn't make them any less important for me. Though now I have decided to have a full-on go at the post-graduate entrance tests, this one year of corporate experience has been something to be cherished forever. As I wrote in my farewell email, the first love is always the on which is closest to your heart, same way MMT has been my first tryst with corporate life and it would always remain special to me.

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful farewell you gave me and also for the movie outing. Would really miss the good times in MMT and as our tag-line goes, I would be taking with me "Memories Unlimited". Love you guys

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Radha's Child

All characters, incidents and places mentioned in this write-up is fictional and any similarity with any person or incident is purely co-incidental.

The fire was crackling, it was the only sound other than the priest's chants. The smoke rose from the pyre in puffs and stood in stark contrast with the orange evening sky. A handful of villagers were present at the funeral, but there were no tears being shed. Nobody really cared. Only Shankar's close neighbors were present at his funeral.

Radha sat quietly on the ground as the pyre slowly turned into ashes. She was holding her 5-month old daughter in her arms, the child fast asleep in her mother's grasp. The people around looked at her as if she were a piece of trash even as she silently watched her father being cremated. After all, who would respect a village girl who gave birth to a child, that too a girl at the age of 16 without getting married, and which self-respecting man would marry such a girl. It was rumored that the father of the child was the 20 year old Kishan who was friendly with her.

Keshav, Shankar's brother and Radha's uncle had performed the final rites of his brother. He was the only blood relative Radha had left in the world. He bent down in front of the listless figure of Radha sitting on the ground and put his hand on her shoulder.

"Shall we go dear?" he asked her affectionately.

She got up silently, carefully not to disturb the sleeping baby, pulled her sari over he head and followed her uncle with her small bundle of clothes, which was all she had left with her as her belongings. They walked the path to Keshav's house with Radha following him, her head bowed down, trying to hide her tears which were slowly trickling down her cheeks. As they reached their destination, she saw Kishan sitting on a bench at a distance across the street, a glass of tea in his hand. Uncle also noticed that she had noticed him.

"That moron is still here. I had fired him today morning itself." he snapped.

"Let him be, Uncle. He won't bother you." Radha said quietly.

"You don't need to come to his support for every damn thing. He is good for nothing, and we all know it. Now go inside and unpack your stuff. Your aunt will show you your place and your responsibilities in the household from today."


It was pitch dark outside. Slowly, trying to make as minimal noise as possible, Radha opened the door of the house and tip-toed outside. Kishan was waiting for her across the street.

"Are you crazy?" she asked him. "Do you understand what I face if I am caught with you here in the middle of the night?"

"You just refuse to meet me in daytime. What am I supposed to do?" he replied calmly.

"We are not children anymore, Kishan. The fun and games in life are over. It's better we don't meet again ever."

"I just don't get it why you can't come with me. Lets get out of this god-forsaken village. What's there for both of us here? Lets run away and get married. In that way I can give my name to the child too."

"You know that I want your name itself to be attached to the child's. But running away is not the solution. Chachaji is far worse than my father was where these things are concerned. He killed his own daughter to protect the family honor when she ran away. I am just his niece."

"I don't understand what makes you stay with him even though he scares the life out of you. My offer would be always open, whenever you change your mind."

"You won't understand it. You are not a girl, that too not a unmarried mother. You know what that means right?"


The night was dark, and one could hear the insects chirping outside. 15 year old Radha was lying on the ground trying very hard to sleep, but totally failing in the attempt. It was about 10 O'clock at night and her father had still not returned home. That could only mean he was getting drunk and that was the part she dreaded the most. She heard a sound at the door and lifted her head to see Shankar's silhouette in the doorway. He stumbled towards her and sat besides her.

"Aren't I happy to see my beautiful young daughter grow up so fast?" he mumbled, and put his hand on her arm. Instinctively she retracted her hand back and all muscles in her body contracted.

"You were such a little girl when your mother left us, and now look at you. You have become even more lovelier than she ever was."

The hand was sliding up her knee now, and all she could do was contract herself tightly. She knew what was coming and that she would never be able to fight him off. Her body was shivering.

"I love you, my baby, a lot!" he said bringing his face over hers. The smell of alcohol in his breath stung her senses and a wail came out of her mouth.

"Shh....don't you get worried now. It would be done fast and you will enjoy it too. Every woman has to go through it." Saying thus he put his mouth over her pursed lips as she stifled her cry.

Radha woke up suddenly, her body drenched in sweat and shivering. The memory of that fateful night had come back to haunt her again. In her sudden motion, she had woken up her child who has started crying loudly. She held her in her arms trying hard to console her but in vain.

"Will you please shut up that bastard child of yours? I am unable to sleep in all that wailing." Keshav yelled from the adjoining room.

"I am trying Chachaji." she replied. "She seems to be hungry, I'll try feeding her. And please don't call her that."

"Do whatever you need to do. And don't you dare speak to me like that. I will call her whatever I please. That piece of shit deserves no place in the world, let alone my house. I am doing a favor on you both by letting you stay here and I expect a bit of gratitude in return."

"The child is mine, and I will stand up for her, come what may. I am thankful for you letting us stay here, but I will not have anybody call my child that."

An angry Keshav stormed into the room and grabbed Radha by her hair.

"Say that again?" he threatened her. "You are a woman and you'd better know your status well. I hope you understand very well what I can do to you if you don't listen to me."

"Kill me? Sure, go ahead. I am living dead anyway."

"Kill? No, that would not be a punishment for insolence." His hand went to her throat. "Killing you would be too easy." The hand slid down to her chest. "There are things far worse and more enjoyable for a man to do with a whore like you."

In an instant, Radha's hand went to her waist pouch and the knife came out and was pierced in Keshav's chest.

"You will not harm me or my daughter, ever." she was wild. She drew back the knife and stabbed him again in the heart. The blood was splattering all over the place, but she did not stop stabbing until the body became motionless.

"There goes, my second murder, or would it be rescue?" she said over Keshav's listless body.

Radha quietly picked up her child and ran out of the house.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Everything I do, I do it for You!!

The entire restaurant was full that day. All the tables were filled with the guests enjoying their Saturday evening, but not one sound came from any of them. Neither the usual chatter nor the clanging of the plates and spoons. Even the waiters were standing on the side with ready dishes in a tray, but not moving to serve them. The only sound emitted in the hall was that of David's and that of his piano. His fingers moving elegantly over the keys, his every motion producing a melody that totally enthralled each and every human being in the hall. No sooner than he finished his last track for the evening, the entire hall echoed with claps and cheers for a repeat performance.

Acknowledging the crowd, David bowed down before them and politely got off the dais. As he passed through the crowd, there were a flurry of compliments from the various guests, a few handshakes and some promises to give him a chance to perform at big concerts by some of the big-shots in the room. He accepted all of them with a smile. He knew that most of the people would not remember his name, let alone his face the next day. The manager greeted him with a smile and took him aside. 

"The boss wants you to play one more song tonight." he told David.

"If I am not mistaken, I get paid only to perform till 10 p.m.. Extra work would cost more than the meagre stipend you guys give me." David replied curtly. It was true. Those promises by the regular guests to give him the opportunities of a lifetime never took form, and he just about managed to live with his paltry earnings, what with the alimony he had to pay to his wife as a part of their divorce settlement.
"The boss knows it, David. He is offering you the same amount that you get for the 2 hour performance for just one extra song. Your earnings for today would be double the usual. He has left this note for you." saying this, the manager slipped a piece of paper in David's hand and went away. One song for twice the amount. Not bad, thought David.

At that very moment, David saw his boss enter the restaurant. Anil Mehta, young, smart and an aggressive businessman who had set up the restaurant chain and tasted success at a very early age entered his territory accompanied by a lady who looked to be in her late 20's. As they came closer, David could see both more clearly, and what he saw made his heart skip a beat. It had been 8 long years since he had last seen or met Shirley, and there she was, as beautiful as she had been then and even more graceful now. 

His mind wandered to the last time he had been alone with her at the lake. It was when he had told her that his family would be moving to Delhi from Kolkata. He was 23 then when his father made that decision. There was nothing left for them in Kolkata, their company had been bankrupt and all the property seized by the banks in lieu of mortgage. His maternal uncle had managed to find his father a job in Delhi, and so they were about to move in a week.

"I'll miss you terribly." he told her.

Shirley just looked down at the ripples her feet made on the surface of the water, silent, as if she was sitting all alone. A tear drop ran down her cheek and fell into the water.

"Don't give me this silent treatment. Please say something." he begged of her.

"Is there anything left to say?" she asked him back. "You won't stay back even if I want you to. You will go to Delhi, make some new friends and carry on with your life. I'll try and do the same with mine."

"Promise that you'll write to me. You have been my best friend all this time."

Shirley got up and started walking. David stood in her way.

"I'm sorry Shirley. But this isn't really in my hands now."

She looked up at him, her eyes red and filled with tears. Their gazes waited upon each other for several moments. At last she broke eye contact and gave him a quick hug before running away.

David was woken from his reverie when a waiter nudged him and pointed towards the table where Anil was sitting with Shirley. Anil winked at him and David signaled with a thumbs-up sign to show that he was ready with the song. Just then, Anil received a phone call and he left the table to attend to it, apparently from a guy he was doing business with. Shirley motioned David to come to the table.

"Long time eh?" she said softly. "I thought I would never get to see you again."

"Yeah, and look at you." he said. "You seem to have done really well for yourself."

"I guess so. What about you? Where have you been all these years? There is so much to catch up on."

"I'm just somehow managing to survive. This divorce has turned out to be pretty expensive for me."

"Oh. I'm sorry." 

"It's alright. I am getting used to it now."

"You never wrote back to me..........." 

"I couldn't. Life had gone all topsy turvy for me. There wasn't one good thing I could write to you about. And when the time came to get married, I could not break the news to you either."

"You too?" Both he hands were clasped on her mouth. "You could have said something that day at the lake."

"I was too scared. Just too scared of losing you. You didn't say anything either."

Both looked at each other, filled with thoughts of what might have been if.........if only!!!!!

Anil arrived back after finishing his call and arrived back at the table a mike in his hand. David was back on his piano playing a very familiar tune.
"Ladies and Gentlemen." Anil announced. "It's a very special day today for me. It has been exactly 3 years since I met this lovely lady sitting right in front of me for the first time, And haven't those 3 years been great. Right here, right now, I want to post a question to her, with all of you as witness. Dear Shirley, would you like to make the rest of my life as amazing as the last 3 years?" 

Anil was down on his knees. Shirley was thunderstruck with tears of joy rolling down her cheeks. Unable to speak she silently nodded yes and both of them hugged while the audience was thundering with applause.

David was quiet, he could just see his piano. He couldn't dare look at the centre of attention for fear of breaking down. He was just playing the song that had been requested by his boss to be played at that very moment, the words striking a chord with every human being present in the hall that night.

Look into my eyes - you will see
What you mean to me
Search your heart - search your soul
And when you find me there you'll search no more

Don't tell me it's not worth trying for

You can't tell me it's not worth dying for
You know it's true
Everything I do - I do it for you 

Later that night, as he was having his 4th beer in his cramped apartment he received a message on his cell phone.
"David , I know that things haven't really worked out the way we wanted them to. But I would like to give it another try. What do you say? Do you feel we can give our marriage another chance? -- Love, Clara."

He laid back on the sofa, his eyes closed. Maybe life wasn't so bad either, he thought and gulped down what would be his last drink for that day.


You can view the original song sung by Brian Adams @

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Beloved

Hi folks,

This is not a new article, but in fact one of my early ones. It was with this write-up that I really kick-started into writing and till now it is the only one of mine which has been published (in our college magazine Srijan). Hope you like it.

The alarm was ringing its head off in order to accomplish a task which many people had failed to do in their lifetime. The task was waking me up on a cold winter morning But today was different. Instead of its usual time (ie 7:30 am) the alarm was ringing an hour and half earlier. My droopy eyes struggled to open themselves, my body unwilling to leave the warmth of my rug. It was then that it suddenly struck me why I had set the alarm this early. Damn!! I had to get fresh and set off fast. The day was December 13. How could I forget that. It was her birthday and I had been planning to surprise
her early in the morning.

As I was brushing my teeth, my mind walked down the memory lane. I cant remember the first time I met her. Now this could be due to the "wonderful" memory God has gifted me with. Our early meetings still fresh in my mind, I remembered the joy I got walking hand in hand with her in the evenings at the park. Her soft hands and loving grip always made me feel important and wanted. The twinkle in her eyes when she looked at me, even now it makes me forget all my worries just to look into those beautiful eyes. The way she shed tears of happiness when I first told her how much I loved her and the way she hugged me after that.

Ouch!! So lost was I in these memories that the razor cut my cheek. This took me back in time again when I offered her rose on Valentine's day and the thorns tore into my skin in the attempt. Her soft kiss on my fingers was all it needed to vanish all the pain that I was experiencing. Oh!! What I wouldn't have done just to make her happy!!

All cleaned and bathed I opened up my wardrobe and confusion gripped me again as to what I should be wearing. Would I look good in the Tshirts I usually wore or would it be better if I had some formal attire on. In the end I chose a blue shirt she had gifted me last year on my birthday also because I wanted to see if she remembered it. So dressed up in black cotton pants and the blue shirt I looked at myself in the mirror. Yeah!! This was how I looked when she had said that I was the most handsome person she had ever seen and given me a peck on my cheek. The thought itself made my face go crimson.

As I descended down from my apartment I collected the bouquet of her favourite flowers I had ordered the previous day from the florist at the ground floor. The flowers smelled just like her. She had told me once that it was her dream to receive a bunch of flowers of every colour under the sun on an occasion. I took that as a hint and had specifically told the florist to include flowers of all possible colours he could catch hold of. And my good friend had done a tremendous job with it. Placing the bouquet carefully at the passenger seat, I started the car engine.

This reminded me of the first time I had taken her for a ride in the car just after I got my driving license. The terror and nervousness on her face still makes me laugh when I imagine it. Her sweating palms had continuously gripped me throughout the drive. The only time she opened her mouth was when I sped up a bit to overtake a bus in front of me. Her shrill scream rang in my ears for several minutes.

What made her special in my life was the fact that she was always there for me whenever I needed her. Whether be it good times or bad ones. And I always tried reciprocating her love. We shared so many secrets among ourselves. Our telepathic connection was such that many times we left people in a fix as to what we were signalling to each other.

With these thoughts in my head I pulled my car over to the building where she resided now happy in her own bitter sweet world. Taking extreme care so as not to disturb the flower arrangement, I climbed up the stairs that led to her flat on the first floor. Nervous and excited I rang the doorbell waiting for her to open. And as if to mock at my excitement she took her own time to open the door as though she expected me. But when she did open it, I could still see the same twinkling eyes and the smiling face of the woman I loved more than any other... she was my beloved mother!!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dil, Dosti, etc - Part 3 (The Chat)

Viraj: Hey, u thr??

Poonam Hi,
Viraj:  You are a real liar, you know that!!!!

Poonam: What did I do now?

Viraj:  You never told me that you knew my friend Ashish.

Poonam: Well, you never asked me .. :P

Viraj: So what’s going on between you two ?

Poonam: Why are you so interested?

Viraj: He is a very gud friend of mine and you are one of the persons i’m closest to. So I deserve to know.

Poonam: We are just good friends, just like you and me. Nothing more, nothing less.

Viraj: If you are just good friends, then what’s your photo doing on his desktop wallpaper?

Poonam: How do I know, ask him na....

Viraj: You never sent me your photo, why him?

Poonam: Let’s just say that some questions are best left unanswered. And what’s with you today? Poking your nose in everybody’s business.

Viraj: now I’m poking my nose eh? Fine...lets stop talking then. Go to Hell!!!!!

Poonam: Hey, that’s unfair. How can you say that to me? You mean to say I cannot have friends other than you?

Viraj: I’m just saying that I want you to be truthful with me.

Poonam: That’s what I am doing. Seriously dude, he just a nice friend. Someone I like to talk to once in a while.

Viraj: Talk ?? So now you guys are having conversations eh? And you haven’t even met once.

Poonam: As if we have met anytime. Stop being such an ass.

Viraj: It may be “just friends” for you, but he is quite serious about you. So stop playing around.

Poonam: O God! I never meant that to happen.

Viraj: But it happened. And to tell you the truth he isn’t the only one.

Poonam: What do you mean ?

Viraj: Do I really need to say it aloud?

Poonam: Not aloud, just simple typing here would do.

Viraj: What do you think of me, Poonam?

Poonam: You are nice, sweet and a very good friend.

Viraj: What if I no longer wanted to remain “just a friend”? What if I wanted to move a step further?

Poonam: Viraj, what are you saying? Scroll up, see your own words. We haven’t even met and how could you say this ?

Viraj: I know it’s crazy, but what isn’t? I don’t feel good the day I don’t chat with you, every minute I think about you.....I mean, you make me feel complete. What else would I want?

Poonam: This is not happening. Do you really feel that way about me?

Viraj: I am being as truthful as I’ve ever been.

Poonam: This is the first time a guy has said such things to me, you know. It feels good.

Viraj: Just give me a chance, I can change your life for the better.

Poonam: I really don’t know what to say. On one hand you are being all so sweet that I cannot handle myself, on the other hand my mind is telling me to be cautious.

Viraj: Forget your mind. Just follow your heart. Go, where it tells you to go.

Poonam: I have never told you before, but I too feel somewhat same about you. But this is not right, you already have a girlfriend. What would she feel?

Viraj: Things aren’t moving anywhere with her. We are just turning out to be a bad couple after all. So she won’t be a problem.

Poonam: And what about Ashish? You said he is serious about me? Are you ready to put your friendship at stake?

Viraj: I’ll talk to him, convince him somehow that this is for the better. But then, when I’m ready to put my life at stake for you, what’s the big deal about a bit of friendship?

Poonam: You bastard, you have a real bad ass-spanking ready for you.

Viraj: Huh ? Why are you swearing suddenly now?

Poonam: Ohh, this is nothing. Just come into the next room. I’m gonna kill you. Ready to sacrifice your friends for a girl? Just come to my room NOW or I’m breaking into yours.

Viraj: Ashish???????????????????????????????????

Monday, February 28, 2011

Dil, Dosti, etc - Part 2

Though it is not strictly a sequel, you can check this post for the first part

Ashish was sitting with his legs folded on the bed, his nose almost buried inside the laptop screen. On the opposite side of the table Viraj was equally engrossed in his computer screen and Yogesh as usual was sprawled on the ground. The tiny hostel room was like any other. Messy. Clothes were lying all over the place and there were just a few spots where one could see the floor tiles. There was a half empty bottle of Coca-cola on the table and uncountable potato chips packets lying with all three of them. Viraj finished his chips and threw his packet on the ground, which landed right on Yogesh's face without any effort.

"Watch it you asshole. After all this is done, you are going to clean up my room, you messy son-of-a-bitch." Yogesh yelled.

"As if I have created all this mess inside your room. You dirty it for the entire year, and when I just happen to drop a packet then you yell your head off. If you want it to be clean, then move your big fat ass and do it yourself." Viraj replied.

Suddenly there was a loud thwack on the keyboard and Ashish clapped his hands over his face. 

"Guys, I think I've done it here!!!!" he said.

"Done what?" asked Yogesh, as he grabbed the Coke bottle and took a deep swig.

"Done, what we are here to do, dumbo. I think I've got the code to work at last. Come here guys. Time to put my brilliance to test."

All three of them gathered intently around Ashish's laptop. He opened the Linux console on his screen and typed some commands to compile and run the program he had just written. Everybody waited with bated breath as the program executed itself step by step. 

"C'mon, c'mon, don't betray me now." Ashish prayed.

Suddenly there was a shriek. Yogesh jumped at the sudden sound and promptly knocked Ashish's laptop from the table. Ashish caught it in time to prevent it from falling on the ground and put it back on the table.

"What the fuck was that ???" Yogesh exclaimed.

"Ohh, that's my new ringtone." said Viraj. "Ain't it cool?"

"Cool, my foot. You are screwed dude.... " said Yogesh and jumped at Viraj who deftly avoided him and ran outside the room to pick up the call.

"This bastard is not coming back till morning now as he must be talking to his new jaan-e-mann." said Ashish. "Damn you. You disconnected the internet cable in your histrionics. Now i'll have to start this thing all over again. Lost some weight Fatso, or else one day you won't know the difference between a cushion and your rear end."

"Well, that has its advantages. I don't need a cushion to sit on wherever I go." Yogesh winked.

Ashish connected the cables and started the program once again.

"Yippeeeee.....its working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he danced with glee.

"Could you please lower your volume ?" Viraj yelled from outside. "I can't hear what she is saying."

"Screw you, I don't give a shit whether you can hear her or not. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" Ashish yelled.

"You just finish your conversation Romeo, your phone is not seeing the light of the day in the morning." said Yogesh.

"Pheww, now that was some brain-draining programming for the night. Let's see what this idiot has done."

Ashish moved over to Viraj's laptop and looked over it.

"Yogesh, tell me one thing. That nutcase is talking to his Anita darling right?" he asked.

"I guess so. Why, what happened?"

"Just come over here and have a look."

Yogesh went over. Both of them read for  a while and burst out in splits. Meanwhile Viraj re-entered the room and looking at them pondering on his laptop he stopped dead in his tracks.

"You bloody mother-" ..... he swore and snatched his laptop from them.

"Who's Poonam now? Quite an intimate chat you were having there. What will Anu darling say now?"

"You guys have no right to be spying on me like that. I don't think I need to answer that question. By the way, did your code work? Considering your yells I guess it did."

"Oh yes, it did. And don't you dare try to change the topic. I know you haven't done a single bit of your part of the project, so you better buck up and finish it off." Ashish said.

"Why are you guys all the time after me? I want to know how much Yogesh has done." He moved over to Yogesh's laptop and manage to have a fleeting glimpse before Yogesh lifted it from the ground. 

"No need for you to know." Yogesh said. "I will complete my part easily by the morning."

"Really ?? And is Savita Bhaabi helping you complete it with her advice?" Viraj mocked as Ashish clutched his stomach and laughed.

"She may not be helping as such in the code, but I can concentrate better."

"My, my." Viraj exclaimed. "It seems nobody is a saint here. And what are you up to on your screen?" he asked Ashish.

"If I am not mistaken, I am the only person here who has finished his work. So don't you dare look at me with suspicion."

"If that's the case I wanna look at your screen." Viraj stood up.

Ashish showed him the console on the screen which still displayed the output of his program. 

"Now close the console."

"Why should I?"

"B'coz I say so."

"I don't feel obliged to listen to every word you say."

"If you are such a saint as you make out to be, just close or minimize the console."

"Fuck you!!!"

"You may" Viraj winked. "But I just happened to see a girl's picture a few moments back. Care to tell us a name?"


Saturday, February 26, 2011

World Cup Dhamaal

So here I am, back to the world of blogging after about a 2 month long hiatus. As you might expect from the title of this post, this is no fiction, just an observation and most probably one of my shorter posts.

The cricket world cup has started, and so has another mode of entertainment in India. No, I am not talking about the matches. This entertainment has everything to do with your knowledge of cricket but has nothing to do with actually playing the game. Some of you readers (are there any????) might have guessed this correctly. I am actually talking about the volley of cricket experts that suddenly emerge out of nowhere when such big occasions are round the corner. And currently the most popular way to show off your "knowledge" of the game is none other than our very own Facebook.

Everybody who is anybody is there on Facebook. But another observation of mine says that there are certain rules that would make You feel that you are the sole expert on the subject.

1) You must know the name of each and every player who's ever made it to the national squad. If you don't, then there's always dear 'ol Google to help you out before posting your expert advice.
2) All the knowledge and expertise is stored in your pot-bellies. That should explain why most of these experts are what they are.
3) It's not required that you have played this game at a national level (well, as a matter of fact, not even state or school level) to know which player to be taken into the team, which shot he should play, and how many runs he should score in a match.

Heyyyyy.....just 3 rules?????? In that case, every Indian worth his salt fits into the role. And that's exactly what I see. Mind you, I am not a cynic. I too am equally passionate about the game like any citizen of our country and want India to win. But some people do make me wonder, If Sachin Tendulkar happens to read even 0.001% of the advises he receives from the billion people all over the country, wouldn't it make his day??

Watch the matches, curse the players when they get out, dance when the team wins and then give your expert opinions on how the game has to be played. Dudeeeeesss....if you are so damn passionate about this game, open the door, go out of your house, take a bat and ball and feel the magic. For once, try playing the shot that you've always adviced Sachin or Viru to play. It would not only make you happier, but would also take some baggage of your bellies. Isn't cricket amazing??

Some people in my friend-list are passionate about the game to the point of craziness. One guy (I won't be revealing the names) has an obsessive compulsiveness that he has to put up a status advising the team composition, who holds the key to the match, how people have to play, etc, etc and then he has to "Like" it. "Like"ing your own post ? I may be wrong, but isn't that kinda dumb? I look at his photo and I really wonder if he has ever held a bat in his hand, let alone play the game. But hey, you just gotta look at Rule #3 to understand the sentiments.

Though I might have kinda mocked at the experts, I really find them highly entertaining, especially when the opinions are such that it really proves that you've never really entered the field. All in all, I also don't know what is the point of this post, but just felt like posting something.. ;). Just to end it, like any other fan of Indian cricket, I would like to wish our team the best of luck to bring the cup into our territory. GO INDIA GO!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Conversation

Hi everybody, long time since I paid some attention to my first blog. Now that I am done with the love story blog (for those who want to read it, click here) I felt it's high time to resume what I like best, short fiction. So what's in store this time? It is a short script, fully conversation based (like those drama scripts) and I have just two characters here viz Ankit and Dr. Sunil. Dr. Sunil is a psychiatrist cum counsellor. Ankit is a 18 year old boy having his own personal problems and has been made to visit Dr. Sunil by his mother to help him cope up with them. The whole script is a session between the two in the doctor's office.

The original concept is by my brother Akshay and the story has been written by me. Hope you enjoy the proceedings, and hope I did justice to your idea bro.


Dr. Sunil: So finally you are here, sitting right infront of me in my office. I hope you are comfortable.

Ankit: Yeah, big deal. Look, I'll make one thing straight. I have least interest in sitting here and talking any shit. I am here because my mother didn't leave me another option. So whatever it is, let us get done with it fast.

Dr. Sunil: Most of my patients feel that way during their first visit. It's quite natural. First of all, do you know why you are here?

Ankit: I don't give a damn what anybody has told you or what anybody thinks about me. It is my life and I am going to live it the way I want to. Nobody, including you can change that.

Dr. Sunil: Nobody wants to take your right to live the way you want. It is just that there have been certain incidents that have made your mother worry about you, and I would be helping you sort out your problems. Plain and simple.

Ankit: My problems eh? What the fuck do you know about any of my problems?

Dr. Sunil: No, I don't know anything. That's why I want you to tell me. Let us start with the year 2004, 6 years back when your parents got divorced. How did you, as a 12 year old accommodate such a situation?

Ankit: You had to bring that up, didn't you? Everybody does. Everybody just expects that a child would keep mum when his parents are just short of strangling each other, that I would be fast asleep in my room while they yelled and cursed each other the whole night. That I could be calm and composed while they just fought over me in front of everybody in that courtroom. I am just a piece of chocolate right, come just fight over me to see who gets it.

Dr. Sunil: Your history says that about five months after the bitter divorce, you were apparently arrested with possession of cocaine.

Ankit: Why apparently? Yes, I had the dope with me. So did a couple of my friends. But they were let off. Why? Because of their rich dads. And me, I wasn’t even left with a person whom I could call my father. You don’t know what it is like to have a father yet not meet him.

Dr. Sunil: No I don’t. But I do know what it is not to see your father at all. Mine died before I was even born. But we can leave that part aside for now. What I am more interested in is what made you go after drugs?

Ankit: Nothing made me. I started it by choice. What else was I supposed to do? The dope was the only thing which kept me sane during that phase.

Dr. Sunil: So do you regret that? The dope I mean.

Ankit: Regret? Hell no, but I do regret calling those bastards my friends, real cowards without any balls.

Dr. Sunil: Nobody can help you when there is no regret inside you for what you have done. But after that short stint in juvenile prison, your record has been clean and that is something to be happy about. But it seems recently your behaviour has changed a lot. Your mother says that you have been very withdrawn and secretive about your whereabouts and what you do. What do you have to say on that?

Ankit: Oh man. That lady doesn’t stop. What the hell is wrong in wanting a bit of privacy? She wants to know everything damn thing. Can’t I have a bit of life of my own?

Dr. Sunil: There is nothing wrong in wanting some privacy. The thing that worries her is you being out for entire nights without her knowing where you have been. As a parent, I can tell you, that can get very worrying. You have the right to go wherever you want, now that you are an adult. But it is still your duty to let your mother know.

Ankit: She would just freak out as usual and come up with some lame excuse just to make me stay. You ever had any problems at home doctor?

Dr. Sunil: (Slightly taken aback at the sudden shift) In fact I do. Why do you ask?

Ankit: So how do you go about solving it? Visit another psychiatrist?

Dr. Sunil: If you think that any psychiatrist can help mend a troubled marital relationship, then please do recommend, I won’t mind seeing him. But this isn’t supposed to be about my problems.

Ankit: See? You are yourself running away from your problems and all the while trying to solve mine. How can I trust your judgement in that case?

Dr. Sunil: Alright. So what do you suggest?

Ankit: I suggest that let this be a two way communication. You come out with your problems first, and then I tell you mine.

Dr. Sunil: Seems fair enough. Only thing is that you are too young to understand this issue.

Ankit: Try me. I may be more help than you think.

Dr. Sunil: Well, I have been married for about seven years now, have a beautiful three year-old daughter from that marriage. Life was perfect till about a year ago. My professional commitments gave me less time to spend with my family. Things had begun changing.

Ankit: So how did your wife react to this situation?

Dr. Sunil: Initially she kept quiet. Then slowly her frustration began turning into anger and yeah, we had some serious fights. But then, the fights just turned into total silence. Now we stay under the same roof, but are like total strangers. There is hardly any conversation, so much that even a passing greeting has become a rarity. I may have been a heck of a good doctor, but when it comes to domestic matters, I suck. You see, once you are settled professionally, the money and the fame ceases to matter. I want my life back as it was. That’s my side of the deal. Now it’s your turn.

Ankit: That’s quite a story doc. So now you want to know about my side? It’s way much simpler than yours. All those nights that I am out, I have been seeing somebody. That’s not a crime, is it?

Dr. Sunil: That depends on who that somebody is. I guess this somebody is a female.

Ankit: Yes, it is a female. And I love her, I can do anything for her. You know, all these years I thought God had cursed my life, showered me with all the pain and suffering that he could come up with. But then, when I met her, I realised that it wasn’t the presence of pain that made me suffer, it was the absence of love.

Dr. Sunil: Are we talking of real love or just casual sex?

Ankit: We are talking of both actually. It is real love from my side, but I am not too sure about hers. Sometimes I have a feeling she is doing it only for the sex. But you know what? I don’t care. With her, I can be myself. She makes me feel complete.

Dr. Sunil: If you love her so much, why have you kept your mother in the dark about it?

Ankit: She would never understand. She would just try to keep me as far as possible from her. And I cannot risk that. For once in my life, I have found someone who would love me for what I am.

Dr. Sunil: Ankit, your mother loves you very much. Every mother does. Why do you feel she won’t understand? It’s perfectly natural for a boy of your age to fall in love.

Ankit: I don’t think it’s normal for a 18 year old to fall for a married woman.


Dr. Sunil: Now that’s something we’ve got there.

Ankit: See? You don’t understand it too.

Dr. Sunil: I understand what it is to fall in love. I too had fallen in love with the lady I married the first time I saw her. But in my case, she was perfectly single. So is there a reason why she spends so much time with you in spite of having a husband?

Ankit: I don’t know, and neither do I ask her. Why bring unnecessary controversies when you are actually feeling good?

Dr. Sunil: That is not what you can call unnecessary controversy. It might be okay for you to spend time with her, but it is a serious issue that someone who’s married is spending her nights with an 18 year-old.

Ankit: They say love can make you do crazy stuff. Maybe this is just one of them.

Dr. Sunil: Yes, love does make one go crazy. But what’s going on, it is not love, I can assure you that. To me it seems that just the way you want to be loved and cared for, she also might be having a need for some male attention. Human beings want that.

Ankit: Yeah right. So now you want me to stop seeing her. Why the fuck can’t anybody stand seeing me happy.

Dr. Sunil: I am not at all implying that. I want you to talk to her. Find out what her problems are. Considering the amount of time you have spent with her, she might even tell you.

Ankit: That would be the end of our relationship doc.

Dr. Sunil: You know what, if there is any real love between you two, it won’t be. But if all this was just satisfying one’s physical needs, it’d better stop. The sooner you know, the better.

Ankit: (Choking) I really am confused. I do want her in my life. And I also know that the society in general would not allow it. But I will talk to her as you said. Maybe it’s time for things to be made clear.

Dr. Sunil: It’s never too late to try. I have realised it myself. The people closest to us are the ones we tend to take for granted. In my case, it has been my wife and in your case it has been your mother.

Ankit: I guess so. But could you do me a favour please? Don’t let my mother know of this affair. If I am to continue this relationship, I would tell her myself. But if not, then she’d better be in the dark. You docs keep these sessions confidential right?

Dr. Sunil: Yes, we do. Whatever you’ve told me is only between you and me. So you don’t need to worry about that. And I also would like to request a favour from you.

Ankit: And that would be?

Dr. Sunil: Could you please tell Anita that her husband still loves her and wants her back in his life badly?