Friday, November 11, 2011

Sunrise at Dusk

Hi fellas,

This time it's a poetic update for the blog. Not that I'm all that great at poems, but this one was an attempt I made during a long and boring train journey. Hopefully you'll like it. :)

Walking on the beach, his feet pressing the sand,
The gentle breeze stroking his hair, brushing his hand
So much of loss, his life at stake,
Lonely by tomorrow, to live for his own sake

He steps into the water, waves splash his feet,
Wasn't this the place, where her did he first meet
So long ago, the time seems so far,
But now it didn't matter, he would be on par

Life seemed perfect then, but why didn't it last,
They were looking for a future, but now it was all past
When amongst the love, did rise the hate,
Why did she leave him, when he was her soul mate

The water rises to his knees, he wants no more,
Of this life, the false dreams, that left him all sore
The ocean called him, it's arms wide spread,
Nothing was on his side, not even the dread

He turns around for the one last time
And sees a beauty, much in her prime
Her hair on her face, kissing her cheeks,
Hiding the smile charming, which any man seeks

The tide's unsafe, she calls out to him,
It would take you away, even though you swim
As though a magnet, he retreats to her,
Her concern a magic, his heart feeling lighter

Each talks to the other, falling to the attraction
Understanding each other, listening with attention
The coffee is over, a new bond is struck,
He looks in her eyes, maybe life won't suck

The sun sets down, as they again walk the sand,
Beckoning a new future, together hand-in-hand
To give another try, to the vows unfulfilled,
The house full of dreams, again they would build

Cheers, and hopefully I would be back with a proper story the next time :-)