Monday, March 21, 2011

Dil, Dosti, etc - Part 3 (The Chat)

Viraj: Hey, u thr??

Poonam Hi,
Viraj:  You are a real liar, you know that!!!!

Poonam: What did I do now?

Viraj:  You never told me that you knew my friend Ashish.

Poonam: Well, you never asked me .. :P

Viraj: So what’s going on between you two ?

Poonam: Why are you so interested?

Viraj: He is a very gud friend of mine and you are one of the persons i’m closest to. So I deserve to know.

Poonam: We are just good friends, just like you and me. Nothing more, nothing less.

Viraj: If you are just good friends, then what’s your photo doing on his desktop wallpaper?

Poonam: How do I know, ask him na....

Viraj: You never sent me your photo, why him?

Poonam: Let’s just say that some questions are best left unanswered. And what’s with you today? Poking your nose in everybody’s business.

Viraj: now I’m poking my nose eh? Fine...lets stop talking then. Go to Hell!!!!!

Poonam: Hey, that’s unfair. How can you say that to me? You mean to say I cannot have friends other than you?

Viraj: I’m just saying that I want you to be truthful with me.

Poonam: That’s what I am doing. Seriously dude, he just a nice friend. Someone I like to talk to once in a while.

Viraj: Talk ?? So now you guys are having conversations eh? And you haven’t even met once.

Poonam: As if we have met anytime. Stop being such an ass.

Viraj: It may be “just friends” for you, but he is quite serious about you. So stop playing around.

Poonam: O God! I never meant that to happen.

Viraj: But it happened. And to tell you the truth he isn’t the only one.

Poonam: What do you mean ?

Viraj: Do I really need to say it aloud?

Poonam: Not aloud, just simple typing here would do.

Viraj: What do you think of me, Poonam?

Poonam: You are nice, sweet and a very good friend.

Viraj: What if I no longer wanted to remain “just a friend”? What if I wanted to move a step further?

Poonam: Viraj, what are you saying? Scroll up, see your own words. We haven’t even met and how could you say this ?

Viraj: I know it’s crazy, but what isn’t? I don’t feel good the day I don’t chat with you, every minute I think about you.....I mean, you make me feel complete. What else would I want?

Poonam: This is not happening. Do you really feel that way about me?

Viraj: I am being as truthful as I’ve ever been.

Poonam: This is the first time a guy has said such things to me, you know. It feels good.

Viraj: Just give me a chance, I can change your life for the better.

Poonam: I really don’t know what to say. On one hand you are being all so sweet that I cannot handle myself, on the other hand my mind is telling me to be cautious.

Viraj: Forget your mind. Just follow your heart. Go, where it tells you to go.

Poonam: I have never told you before, but I too feel somewhat same about you. But this is not right, you already have a girlfriend. What would she feel?

Viraj: Things aren’t moving anywhere with her. We are just turning out to be a bad couple after all. So she won’t be a problem.

Poonam: And what about Ashish? You said he is serious about me? Are you ready to put your friendship at stake?

Viraj: I’ll talk to him, convince him somehow that this is for the better. But then, when I’m ready to put my life at stake for you, what’s the big deal about a bit of friendship?

Poonam: You bastard, you have a real bad ass-spanking ready for you.

Viraj: Huh ? Why are you swearing suddenly now?

Poonam: Ohh, this is nothing. Just come into the next room. I’m gonna kill you. Ready to sacrifice your friends for a girl? Just come to my room NOW or I’m breaking into yours.

Viraj: Ashish???????????????????????????????????