Friday, July 29, 2011

For Those Who Made My Trip

Yes, I'm back writing on this blog after around 3 months. But this time its not fiction, nor is it a political rant. This post is dedicated to some people who are really special to me and have been an integral part of my journey into the corporate world. Today was my last working day in MakeMyTrip (India) and now I know what a "heavy heart" really means. 

Though I was given an opportunity to speak today, I didn't, not because I didn't want to. But because I knew I wouldn't be able to express myself by talking. I can convey my feelings better by writing. So here's a message of thanks for some very special people

1) Amlesh Sinha
My reporting manager, my mentor, my guide and a father figure for me. I can proudly say that I could not have a better mentor to begin my career with. You held my hand and guided me through the various facets of my professional life. You patted me on my successes and helped me correct my blunders, both always making me grow in the positive direction. I really cannot thank you enough for all the guidance and especially the patience that you showed.

2) Virender Bisht
The person who removed my notion that senior people are usually "khadoos" and are not bothered with the junior guys. A cool customer with an ever smiling face and quick decision maker, you are really the pillar of strength of the entire team. Thank you especially for all the encouragement you gave me.

3) Ashish Srivastava
Hamaare apne Balia ke "Aasees" sir. The troubleshooter of our team. One of the best programmers I have seen and a real expert debugger. A real jovial fellow who can give witty one-liners and special "interpretations". It was sheer pleasure working with someone so dedicated to his work.

4) Shreesh Kaushik
One of the best persons I've ever known. A true all-rounder in its perfect sense. This good looking guy can excel in any sport, awesome sense of humor, real fun to be with and at the same time can whip up some very good software code from his kitty. Thanks a ton for teaching me Foosball and making me about as good as you in it. Also thanks a lot for answering my never-ending questions all the time and being there for me. I just have one regret with you that I could never play TT with you (the tragedy is well known.. :P).

5) Rehman Danish
The 'Bhai'. Though being a senior from my college, he never came across as one. This guy can light up any situation however serious it may be with his spontaneous jokes and perfect timing. He is THE person who inspired me to try my hand at poetry (he is a very gud one himself). I can't forget especially how he pestered me into writing the "Bad-ass" poem. Would miss your jokes and especially the never-ending "tips".

6) Pratik Pahuja
A devil with a saintly face. This tall guy thinks a lot. But looks are misleading and he really sets the flow when in the mood. One can discuss anything with him and I for one, found a really good friend in this man. Thanks for all the help and especially the entertaining cafeteria discussions. :)

7) Abhijeet Srivastav
This guy has only two expressions. A blank one. and a smiling one. Never seen him angry or frustrated at anything. Talks less, but when he does, I don't need to say anything more (:P). I would really miss those grilled sandwiches with you in the mornings. SOA zindabaad.... :D

8) Manish Ranjan
Baby-faced, this kiddo-looking fella entered the scene with a bang with lights-on issue fixing. Recently famous for samosas and quietly stealing other's mobiles and I-cards to get treats. This entertainer goes about his work quietly and of-course a good foosball defender.

9) Junaid Karim
Initially I thought he is a very serious type of a person but turned out totally opposite once I got to know him better. I have never seen anybody so principled and honest with his work and he easily blends with the "bachchas" of the team despite being very senior.

10) Ashish Jain
The one person I have worked maximum with. He has tested all my projects and "bugged" me. My perfect foosball partner and we've beaten the best players of the company together, also winning by a record margin once. A charming persona and a person you can talk to anytime. It was natural bonding with him, more so because we share a common interest in photography. Thanks for all the awesome time dude.

11) Ankur Khera
Passion is one word that can define him. You taught me to be frank and honest despite the odds. A great friend, a person I can trust with my life and someone I respect naturally. Its no joke being good at your work and pursuing an MTech from an IIT at the same time. Would really miss the "Thodi der aur achcha khelna hai" and "Good shot man!!!!!" ... :)

12) Anirudh Bharadwaj
The best trait in this person is his ability to make friends with any human being. The most popular face in the company who can talk non-stop nonsense. A foosball rival who also brought me into the cricket playing group, this person is fully responsible for introducing me to different people and he can literally go a big way for his friends. Never lose this quality in you dude, not everyone is lucky to have it in them.

I might have missed out on some people in this really long list, but that doesn't make them any less important for me. Though now I have decided to have a full-on go at the post-graduate entrance tests, this one year of corporate experience has been something to be cherished forever. As I wrote in my farewell email, the first love is always the on which is closest to your heart, same way MMT has been my first tryst with corporate life and it would always remain special to me.

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful farewell you gave me and also for the movie outing. Would really miss the good times in MMT and as our tag-line goes, I would be taking with me "Memories Unlimited". Love you guys