Saturday, June 22, 2013

I Was Only Having a Gulaab Jamun

So I just happened to take a look at my blog the other day, and found some fungus developing. Right now the stories for the blog have kind of taken a back seat since I am exploring another aspect, i.e converting the stories into a visual form. I have no idea if I can do a good or even a decent job for it, but I have always dreamed of trying it out one day. So while I try my hand at it, I just thought of sharing a small story/article I had written a few years back. Hopefully the point I want to make can go through.

Dear Ma,

I really miss you. I wanted to meet you so badly today, to share the news that I had topped my 5th standard class. I was so happy, and I know you would have been too. I wanted to hug you the moment I saw my report card. I felt like talking to you at that time, but I know we cannot afford a phone right now. I promised myself that I would, one day become a big man, someone successful and drive away our poverty. I would become a doctor/engineer and then you would not have to clean other people's houses or wash their dishes. I would build us a new house and you would live like a queen. I won't let Baba come inside the house. Let him go and drink himself to death. I would be big and I would stop him from hurting you anymore. We would be so happy, just you and me away from all worries and strife.

I was really happy Ma. Dinu got the second rank and we decided to go to have some sweets to celebrate. I know you had told me to come straight home Ma, but I was so happy that I really felt like eating something sweet and I knew that you would be tired after your chores to prepare something. I was also going to bring you some. I had saved all the pocket money you had managed to give me. We had gone to a mithai-wala near the railway station where there is always a crowd. You remember that place Ma? We had gone there to buy me new shoes when I had joined school. We were just eating Gulab Jamun Ma, me and Dinu. We weren't troubling anybody. Everybody was so happy. But then why???????

Why did they blast us Ma? I never hit them or took any of their stuff, then why did they take my life away from me? I just wanted to grow up and do something to make you proud. I wasn't going to hurt anybody. All my dreams have crashed and all your aspirations have gone with the smoke. What did we do to deserve such a fate Ma? Why was I killed when as you say, there are many bad people in this world who hurt others, why weren't they hurt or killed? All the people there looked happy. You always said God loves his children especially those who live happily and do not hurt others. God loved me when I got my report card, so why did he suddenly hate me when I was celebrating just that Ma?

I am sorry Ma. I am sorry because I did not listen to you and did not come straight home. I am sorry because I won't be now able to fulfill all those promises of happiness that I made to you. I am sorry because I won't be able to stop Baba when he hits you. Will you forgive me, Ma?

Yours lovingly,

One of the souls of the victims of 13/7/2011 blasts

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